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Our business has been built on people who exercise good judgment and are acknowledged as leaders in their respective fields of expertise.  We are dedicated to the financial well-being of our clients.


Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

Innovative ideas are in our blood.  We think consistently in areas such as positive changes in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitiveness, and services.

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Our skills and knowledge of business world are applied to help clients consider broader societal impacts and identify opportunities in every aspect of running a business.

We analyse ‘business knowledge’ through acquiring a detailed understanding of client’s functions, the processes and tasks 


We are a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ). 

We are so excited about your interest in our community where we provide business coaching, resources and services to enable you to achieve your goals and objectives.  In doing so, we aim to revolutionalise the financial performance of the business and your personal wealth.  


We stand firm for what is right, deliver what is expected of us, stick to our commitments, stay resilient and trustworthy.  We take personal accountability of our work, keeping our judgment and common sense that will, in turn, empower others.

Who we are


We are more than accountants.  We are also business advisors that provide accounting and tax services, audit assurance, management accounting, business advisory, financial planning, superannuation advice, trusts and estate planning and taxation consulting.  

We provide services to family business, small to medium business

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Keith Mar, Director

Keith has over 20 years experience in the provision of business, tax & accounting advice and 10 years experience in providing financial planning advice. Keith holds bachelor's degree in Accounting and Business Law, and a master's degree in Taxation (ATAX) both from the University of NSW.  He is a director of a corporate registered tax agent, a registered tax (financial) adviser and a member of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand in Australia, as well as being a member of CPA in Hong Kong.  He has also received the external examiner qualification from the Law Society of New South Wales.  Born to a Japanese mother and a Chinese father, Keith speaks 4 languages - Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

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Charitha Wasala, Director

Char He’s been working in the industry for more than 15 years and has previously worked for both a big 4 and a top 10 firm. During his time he has helped hundreds of individuals and small-medium businesses in a range of industries. Char’s expertise lies in helping people with business planning, tax planning and accounting. He is a Chartered Tax adviser, Chartered Global Management Accountant, Member of CPA Australia, Registered Tax Agent, ASIC approved financial adviser. On top of this, Char is a science graduate and has a unique interest in applying scientific methodology to decision making in small businesses.

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Nancy, Practice Manager

Evon, CPA

Born in Taiwan, Evon made the decision to move to Sydney and completed both her bachelor's and master's degrees in Sydney before becoming a CPA in 2012. Evon is passionate in helping people in need which she has put to good use in advising clients in her 9 years experience in business services in the public sector. When she's not helping people in her day job, she's volunteering her time to help asylum seekers as well as protecting the environment by tree planting. Evon also likes travelling and despite travelling to many different countries, her favourite place is still Taiwan. When you meet her, you should ask her about her favourite TV series "Friends”! She's watched it over 10 times!!


Diana first joined Sunnyside Accountants in 2010 as a part time Accounting Assistant and has since transitioned into an Accounting Team Leader. She has over 8 years of experience in public accounting enabling her to provide relevant and timely advice to clients.

Diana holds a Bachelor of Business/Accounting from the University of Technology, Sydney.

In her personal time, Diana enjoys watching Asian TV shows and dramas and spending time with family and friends.


Kamille has 6 years of experience working in the accounting industry. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2012, she worked in a BPO accounting firm in the Philippines for 4 years and joined the wonderful family of Sunnyside Accountants in 2016. In her spare time, Kamile loves cooking for her family and spending time in the water. She is working towards getting her scuba diving license! She loves going on long drives and travelling with her husband and their 2 year old son.


Khin comes from Myanmar and identifies as Burmese. She finished her Bachelor of Business and Commerce (majoring in Accounting) in 2017 and received the Dean’s Medal Award in 2018 recognising her outstanding academic excellence throughout her degree. 

Khin has always been career focused and she started her accounting career as an assistant accountant while completing her university degree. She joined Sunnyside in May 2018 and continues to develop her skill and knowledge by working towards becoming a CPA.

Khin speaks two languages – Burmese and English and is interested in singing  and playing badminton in her spare time.


Having been born and raised in Taiwan Joanne decided to broaden her horizons and moved to Melbourne to study finance and Japanese. To further immerse herself in her Japanese studies, she became an exchange student in Osaka, Japan during the third year of university. After graduating in Melbourne, Joanne returned to Taiwan and worked for 6 years until a little girl joined her life when she decided to take a break and stay at home to nurture her daughter full time. In November 2015, when her daughter was 9, Joanne decided returned to the workforce and has been a part of Sunnyside Accountants ever since.

 Joanne loves reading and enjoys cooking for her family. She also loves little kids and is a volunteer in Sunday School teaching pre-schoolers handicrafts.


While completing her bachelor's degree in French Language, Rosalin longed to experience France in person which is exactly what she did after graduation! She stayed in France for two years, and obtained a Master in Law and Tax Management.  Rosalin loves to travel and believes travelling broadens one's mind and has allowed her to be more adaptable in unexpected situations.  She is also a movie lover.  Her favourite movie is ​"Mona Lisa Smile" starring Julia Roberts, which is all about her motto "Helping others succeed forges one's own attainment".

Rosalin has been a part of the Sunnyside family since 2014 and is currently working in the Taipei Office.

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Patricia obtained her Bachelor in Science in Accountancy with full scholarship in the Philippines. After graduating, she joined a private company exposing her to the business world specifically manufacturing companies. She acquired 6 years experience in the fields of management accounting, financial accounting and taxation before joining Sunnyside Accountants where she's continued to utilise her extensive knowledge while continuing to learn. Back in her university days she was the vocalist in her own band and even entered some competitions and ….. that’s it! The End! While it was rewarding, it was also time consuming and Patricia decided to dedicate herself to her accounting career. She loves to play badminton as her hobby and also has a passion of cooking for her family, especially for their beautiful child.


Her story will be coming soon

Reading the Quran


Michael was born and raised in Taiwan. After serving his two year compulsory military service, he moved to the United States of America to complete a bachelor's degree in accounting.  Upon graduation, he joined a public accounting firm in Atlanta, before back to Taiwan and into a product manager role at a trading company and a sales executive role selling medical equipment. His experience in different industries and different roles has made him the well rounded person he is today. But studying and working in the USA will still be the most life changing experience for Michael where he's collected many fond memories and exciting stories to tell. Michael also loves reading, watching movies, and enjoys hanging out with friends. He's also a foodie and enjoys trying all different kinds of delicious food and of course, never says no to sweets.

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Mori CPA

Mori was an avid baseball player in his youth where his all for one and one for all spirit was cultivated and ingrained in his DNA. Unfortunately, his baseball playing career suffered a major setback, having broken his ankle just before the biggest baseball tournament in his last year of the high school. He still remembers the pain both physically and emotionally as if it happened yesterday, especially when he reminisce the old times with his friends at the pub. Not so unfortunately, Mori found another passion when he tapped into the corporate world, completing a Masters in Accounting in Melbourne. He has had significant exposure to the strategic PDCA cycle of significant global entities over the past 10 years where he has been involved in management accounting, financial accounting, company taxation and various other aspects of business operations. During this time, he also became a CPA and the father to two beautiful daughters. Mori joined  Sunnyside Accountants in April 2018, bringing with him his extensive experience and work ethic.